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Recharging... (10)

Thursday, April 22, 2010 by , under

At 2, little Ben's few simple responsibilities are to eat, poop, play, and sleep. Calling it responsibilities might actually sounds a little exaggerated, it's more like a routine - I'm envious!

Yet I remember how badly I want to be a grown up when I was kid. All because grown ups get to do cool things, they get to decide what they want to do, they can eat whatever they want, they can drive, and they have money!!!

Now that I have experienced grown up life for the past...well...many many years, I want to be a kid again, I want that carefree and blissful life! And with a few drop of tear down the chubby cheek, all faults can be and will be forgiven. Such trick will never works as an adult, especially when you're a man.

Little Ben napping recharging, so he can wreak havoc again when he wakes up.

For those new to my blog, little Ben is the kid of our close friends here, who's frequently featured on my blog HERE and HERE.

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6:31AM Spring Time Houston (8)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 by , under ,

Houston Morning
Taken on the way to work. Color like this occur mostly during Spring or Fall when the temperature is cool, I think.
Probably a dumb thing to do while driving, so, don't try this at home, kids!

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Playing With Lights (11)

Monday, April 05, 2010 by , under

Photography is in fact light capture. Something I've been trying to learn in the past two and half years. So many things to learn, so little time...

Pooh sitting there, unwillingly, while I snap away.

Unwilling Pooh
My "simple" lighting setup, that's all I can get with my limited budget. Talking about that, I'm accepting donation for a new generous!

Note to self - Master flash(E-TTL) on camera with GF diffuser pointing up, flash on left(remotely triggered, group B), flash on right(remotely triggered, group C).

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