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Good Time (15)

Saturday, September 05, 2009 by , under ,

Good time is hanging out with a bunch of good friends on a warm Saturday evening.

Better yet, a gathering with plenty of delicious food such as chicken wings, satay, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped stuffed with cream cheese Jalapenos, grill beef and pork, agar-agar, crème brûlée, etc. nicely prepared by Faye, Min, BK, and Joann. It will be nice if I can back those awesome foods with some photos(except the satay), well, I have failed you again.

Love satay, always had, and always will. Especially when the recipe has been perfected by our friend, BK & Joann. BK has offered to teach me how to prepare it but I kindly refuse and promoted him to be our dedicated satay chef! Smart plan, right? Hehehe...

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