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Houston Japan Festival (16)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 by , under ,

I just realized I forgot to post these photos taken at the Annual Japan Festival in Houston's Herman Park last month. Thanks to funmama for letting us know about this event.

It's an event organized by the Japan-America Society of Houston for people to experience the Japanese culture. It's spring, with the mild weather, we will go to any outdoor events, especially one with food, ha! Too bad I didn't take any photos of the food, I was hungry...

My Fish
Little lady in red.

I will catch you!
Other than foods and performances, games like this are available to entertain kids at the event. Kids are supposed to catch the fish with paper net, easy right?

Asahi beer promoter - is that a gesture telling me to stop taking photos of her? Hmmm...

Kick back...

Sea of people...

Family Fun

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Are We Nuts?! (15)

Sunday, May 17, 2009 by , under

A pilot once ask me "Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly fine airplane?", implying that skydiving is just crazy. Or is he too chicken to try?

Then, I wasn't sure what was I thinking when I agreed to tried tandem jump. As I brought the news home to the girls, I was thinking they will probably chicken out and maybe provide me an excuse to reject the invitation. To my surprise I was greeted with multiple "YES!" with the utmost enthusiasm, Uh Oh...

This actually happened 3 years ago, there were Faye, Zoe, Yee, Kristy and me. Zoe and Yee are my sisters-in-law, Kristy is our common friends. 4 girls and 1 guy, and I'm the only nervous wreck, so embarrassing.

Anyhow, we did it, you jump, I jump, we all jump, and we survived. Did I regret it? No, it was actually kinda fun! The adrenaline rush and the thrill was a totally new experience. Would I do it again? Errr...let just leave it at "It's too expensive!"

Yee's video was chosen for this post because hers was the most interesting jump of us all with the craziest tandem instructor. A back flip exiting the plane, rotate right(can't even count how many times), rotate left(more?), followed by a perfect landing. I'm just glad I didn't have the same tandem instructor, I will probably puke my guts out if that's the case. By the way, you won't see Faye and I in this video because we were on the next plane up.

Anyway, it was Yee mentioning something about skydiving prompted me to dig out this 3 years old video. As I was watching this video, I pretty much relive the whole experience and wonder why didn't post this? Well, that's because I don't have a blog 3 years ago, ha!

*Edit - Added the same video on the blogger server because Vimeo server is a bit slow for some.

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1 Ton Soup (15)

Friday, May 15, 2009 by , under ,

When Faye is not on the internet browsing for recipes on others blogs/food website, she's in the kitchen cooking/baking. Most of the time the outcome is something as awesome and delicious as this...

1 Ton

Noodle & Soup
...and after. I was too eager to dive in so I didn't take a good photo of the 1 ton soup. You know how it looks, just use your imagination...

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4.5 Going On 5 (21)

Monday, May 11, 2009 by , under ,

"I am four and a half years old and I will be five in 3 days." Janine whisper into my ear last Friday. Is it the anticipation to grow up quickly so every half years matter? I guess so but it amuses me every time I hear it.

For Janine's 5th birthday, LK and JP host a small party at Little Gym for her and her little friends. And I'm honour to be asked to photograph the party. I did but I wish I could do a better job. To do that, I will need another camera body and some new lenses...hehehe...just any excuse will do...

Birthday Girl
That's the birthday girl getting ready to start.

"You're not supposed to go there, you're supposed to...yada yada yada."

"When can we start playing?"

"Oh yeah, I can do this!"

They were told to sit in the middle of the inflatable bouncer as it's filling up with air. Seems kinda fun, I want to be a kid again. Oh wait, I already am, says my wife.

Run Benjamin, Run!
Run Benjamin, Run!

Playful brother and sister.


Happy Princess
"Okay, now I have time for you to take a photo of me!"

"I have 5 candles!"


More Laugh
And more laugh, good time, good time...

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Blue...AGAIN! (17)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 by , under ,

Yup, more blue. These photos were taken on the same day as the last post, just different spot.

Blue Blue Blue
Blue just make me happy!

More Blue
This field has much more Bluebonnet compare to the one on the last post.

Macro Blue
Up close and personal.

Mud Virgin
Finally, some mud on the wheels, after almost a year since we bought it. She's our workhorse, hauling stuffs from Ikea, Costco, Home Depot. A people hauler too but we hardly take her off road. Maybe we should go camping again...

After photographing some Bluebonnet, we went to Chappel Hill(a city between Houston & Brenham) for the annual Bluebonnet festival. Vendors lined the street selling all kind of stuffs, hand crafted accessories, decorative items, clothing, and most importantly FOOD!

Mini Ferris Wheel
A mini Ferris wheel. It's so small its funny!

Slinky Potatoes - Making of
This is how they make slinky potatoes.

Slinky Potatoes
And this is slinky potatoes. Why must fried food taste so good and yet they are not healthy for you? Why?

I think this is a decorative piece to hang around the house.

Kids these days are just so lucky. High vantage point, no need to walk, it even comes with a sun cover!

Barrel Train
Buy a small tractor, get some barrel, put wheels on it, slap a sign that says "$3 train ride" - good money!

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