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White Christmas (15)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by , under

I hope everybody had a great Christmas holiday. I know we did! Uh-oh, I'm bragging, am I? Life's short.

Faye and I visited some good friends in the Washington DC area and for the first time, we had a white Christmas. Yup, the real snow, unlike the 1" of snow we had in Houston a few weeks ago.

I can wake up to a view like this every morning. Wait, no I can't, I don't mind looking at it but I do mind dealing with it.

More Snow
White snow and blue sky...what a view!

Ski!  Ski!  Ski!
We manage to get some ski time on this trip too! This is where we were on Christmas eve, Wisp Resort, Maryland. The view from our room - can't get any closer to the ski slope than this.

Some shaky video to show too. I was going faster than I had hope, thus the shaky video.

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Snow in Houston??? (15)

Friday, December 04, 2009 by , under ,

It is a cold and busy day in Houston, city vehicles are out spraying chemical onto highway to prevent icing. Some businesses shut down for a day, some meetings canceled, some appointments postponed, all because it's snowing in Houston. Yes, Houston, we have snow, and that's a BIG DEAL.

My facebook page were flooded with messages and status updates about snow in Houston. And photos to prove.

I'm doing my part right now...

While friends from the north (especially the few friends from Canada) wonder what's with all this commotion about, it's just snow. Well, that's because, in Houston, we see more hurricanes then snow.

Snow in Houston
I was outdoor wearing shorts last week and today, this?!

More Please!
More please...

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