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Unintended Destination (13)

Friday, February 27, 2009 by , under ,

Do you know that you will need a passport with at least 6 months validity in order to enter Taiwan? Yup, we found that out at the departure gate 15 minutes prior to boarding, in Los Angeles International Airport! How fun is that? Considered it a lesson learned. All these years of flying back and forth between US and Malaysia, and yet we have not learn all lesson yet, ha! Hopefully that's the last of it.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were forced to tour LA for 1 day. Honestly, we had some pretty good time in LA(other than the forgettable experience at the airport). The last time I visited LA was at least 10 years ago, now I have chance to tour it again with mom and Faye, how cool is that?

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Harry Potter

The Sign
And I shall capture the typical touristy shots.

Sunset at Santa Monica
Santa Monica Beach - This is one of the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen! The color gradient is so beautiful and amazing!

Santa Monica
Santa Monica Downtown & Third Street Promenade - We found this place by chance while we were searching for a restaurant to dine. Beautiful shops and restaurants lined the street with street performers and people walking around and hanging out. We like!

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Me is back!!! (12)

Monday, February 16, 2009 by , under ,

Just realized that my last post was more than a month ago! Wow, how time flies! Actually time zoom even faster when you were having good time...hehehe...and that's exactly what we had been doing. We made a trip back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. A pretty awesome trip which I will blog about in the coming days.

For now I will just post 2 shots I took last weekend during Valentine's Day. 2 shots is much easier to process compare to the 1800(plus or minus) pictures I took during the Malaysia trip, if only I can buy time.

Flower Power
What's better than to see the smile on my wife's face when I give her tulips(her favorite) on V's day?

Delicious Tail!
And you should see the big smile on my face when she suggested we should have Valentine's day dinner at home. Oh yeah! Saving me the trouble of finding a nice restaurant to make reservation. And some restaurant's V's day special include you and your date standing in line for 2 hours even when you had reservation, go figure! Faye is awesome in every way because she cook this wonderful seafood dinner for 3(herself, her sister, & me) complete with lobster tails, scallops, greens and mushroom for less than $50. Try getting that in any restaurant on Valentine's day! She even offered molten lava cake but quit the idea since we have no room for dessert after dinner! Me is very lucky & happy indeed!

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