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Peachy (25)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 by , under

The sweltering heat in the past week or so is causing my hand and leg a little too sluggish. The triple digit temperature makes me miss winter so much! But then, by winter time, I will miss summer again…such is life…hahaha…

If spring can be a little longer, it will be so so nice. In spring, we don’t have to worry about getting baked by just walking outside.  In spring, we can go peach picking in orchards. Yeah, fresh and juicy peach for us, right from the tree, isn’t that nice? Oh, I miss spring!


More Peach
More peach!

A small orchard but enough for us all.

Peachy Loot
Our loot of the day.

888?! What's the odd of that? Should have tried the lottery that day!

Blackberry Bush
Blackberry bushes that line the back of the orchard.

Real Blackberry
The real blackberry, unlike this one.

What's That?
Adrien admiring blackberries.

Blackberry Flower
Blackberry flower! Cool huh?

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Light Indulgence Or Is it? (23)

Friday, June 12, 2009 by , under ,

Have you tried Japanese Cheesecake? If not, I suggest you do so ASAP. Yes, NOW!

Japanese Cheesecake is so light and fluffy, some even use the words "cotton soft" to describe it, it's unbelievably good! I love it! Wait, I shall rephrase, I love the one my wife made! (Yup, that will guarantee more to come in the future, hehehe...)

This is not the first time she made it but this time she adds a little twist to it. More like spur of the moment decision since the heavy whipped cream in our fridge is about to expire, why not add it in? Mixer + heavy whipped cream + Kahlua and minutes later, voila! A Japanese Cheesecake that has layers of texture, taste, and GOODNESS!

Oh, the cheesecake is cut into heart shape because Faye thought it will look more interesting in a photo and also the fact that heart shape food makes happy food!

Japanese Cheesecake
Baking chocolate is added for flavor and texture. The bitterness of the chocolate goes really well with the sweetened whipped cream and the softness of the cheesecake.

Japanese Cheesecake
My favorite of the 3. For me, almond goes well with any dessert, no?

Japanese Cheesecake
The chocolate powder didn't do so well here but I still enjoy the cheesecake nevertheless.

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Crackberry (15)

Monday, June 08, 2009 by , under ,

Yup, Faye and I have ventured into Berryland, I have bought us each a Blackberry Curve 8900. Why a BlackBerry, you ask? Well, Faye is a system administrator, she needs a email/mobile device to monitor her company's email and computer servers. Me, I just need a phone upgrade(like most guys always do, right?).

What do I think of our first BlackBerry?

This relationship will work because
(1) you're one beautiful BlackBerry(even wifey said so).
(2) BlackBerry App World - good looking free software?! Why not?
(3) Awesome email app - I can check email while sitting on the toilet? Cool!
(4) Full browser - much much much better than Microsoft mobile browser.
(5) Built in GPS - excuse to be lost again?

Possible reason for breakup
(1) you're beautiful but why can't you be as cool as the iPhone.
(2) No 3G?! We're in 2009, aren't we?

The Curve 8900
Storm Trooper poking BlackBerry with gun - "No 3G, really?"

Storm Trooper #1 - "What is this thing here?"
Storm Trooper #2 - "Based on my finding on Wiki, it's called BlackBerry, a.k.a. CrackBerry to those addicted to it."
Storm Trooper #3 - "Is it edible? I'm hungry..."

Twin Curve
Got both phones from Costco for $70 each(upgrade) after rebates with a 2 years contract(T-Mobile is selling 'em at $150 a piece). I get very excited when I found good deals, just like my wife finding the right pair of shoes on sales.

These photos were captured with the help of my newly acquired light tent, still trying figure out how to best use it. So which photo do you prefer? Faye like the 2nd photo more since you can see the Lego people better(she like Lego people) but that shot doesn't present the phone screen so well. What do you think?

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Good Stuffs - Edojin Sushi Restaurant (10)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 by , under ,

Want fresh and good sushi, go to Edojin Sushi Restaurant! Yup, a little free advertising for our friends, Cheryl & John, who just opened up their 1st sushi restaurant over the weekend. Seriously, the lunch we had there was awesome! The salmon sashimi was so fresh, its sweet! The escolar sushi,!

Other than sushi, they serve other awesome Japanese dishes and bento sets too. Not far from Houston, definitely worth your time if you like sushi and Japanese food or just simply because you like good food. By the way, mentioning my name won't earn you any discount, free edamame maybe but that's the current promotion they're having anyway hahaha...

Edojin Sushi Restaurant -
12344 Barker Cypress Rd.
Cypress TX 77429

View Larger Map

Should have use a higher aperture value to have the whole logo in focus. Too late now but lesson learned.

Sweet Sushi
Our typical order in any sushi restaurant - spicy chopped scallop, salmon sashimi, super white tuna(escolar) sushi, fresh water eel (unagi) sushi. By the way, we ate much more than these that day but I just didn't have good photos of them, I know, I know, bad photographer.

Sushi chef and owner, John.

Couple Power
Couple Power - Cheryl & John.

In Action
Men at work.

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