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IKE is coming tonight! 1

Friday, September 12, 2008 by , under

The sky is still kind of calm as of this morning, nothing unusual just yet. Wind started to pick up a little but nothing much to it. Still doesn't look like a hurricane is coming ashore. Forecast said that wind should reach tropical storm force(30~40mph) starting 6pm tonight and get worst as the evening progress we should expect hurricane force wind(60~85mph) after midnight. We'll see.

I know our house were designed to withstand 110mph wind(sustain with 3 second gust) based on the building code for Sugar Land. Our house is probably going to be ok, maybe some broken windows or damage roof(hopefully none!). My worry is the possible tornado spawned by the hurricane and maybe the power outage afterward. We won't see the worst compare to Galveston and the coastal area.

Toll Road Free!  Won't last!
Taken on our way to Faye's work place to shut down servers and remove backup drive, it's her job being an IT Administrator. Most companies had shut down for Friday, yet there are still many cars on the road, maybe to take advantage of the "FREE" toll road.

Chinatown, always open for business, hurricane or not.
Most, if not all, stores are closed for the day except New Chinatown where most stores are still open and the parking lot is full as usual, amazing isn't it.

Uh oh, really?!
Uh oh, really?!


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melv on September 16, 2008 at 10:20 AM

hope you alright there..


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