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Ready For CNY? (17)

Friday, January 22, 2010 by , under

CNY (Chinese New Year a.k.a Lunar New Year) is getting close. For those of us living in a country where CNY is not that big of a deal, certain food is a good reminder of such great day. Food like...

Kuih Kapit
These Kuih Kapit for instance. Bravo to the girls for enduring the frigid weather to make this!

Pineapple Tart Cookies
Faye's specialty, pineapple cookies, a family's recipe too! My photo just don't do justice for this yummy cookies.

Rumor has it, the girls are gathering to make some more CNY delicacy this weekend. Oh yeah!

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Frosty Washington DC (14)

Friday, January 15, 2010 by , under

Friend: Why haven't you posted your DC trip photos?
Me: Errr...
Friend: Lazy or busy?
Me: ...

Well, here it long last...

Reflection Pond
#1 - Frigid temperature, gloomy sky, not a good day to tour Washington, DC. Overcast was so low, we can't even see the top of the Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial
#2 - The MAN!

Snow in DC
#3 - Definitely sub-zero temperature here.

Korean War Veteran Memorial
#4 - Korean War Veteran Memorial.

Potomac River
#5 - Potomac River is beyond these trees.

Washington Monument
#6 - Washington Monument.

#7 - The dome inside Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill
#8 - And the dome from the outside.

#9 - Hehehe...

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