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Party Animal, Literally - Halloween (2)

Monday, November 03, 2008 by , under

Trick or treat time! We went trick or treat with our friends' kids last Friday. Though its mainly a kids activity, I had a lot of fun snapping photos of them running around the neighborhood gathering candy from neighbors.

Adrien the Kangaroo
Adrien the Kangaroo with his mom. Some neighbor thought he's a rabbit, ha! How does he look like a rabbit when he has a little kangaroo in the pouch?

Kangaroo needs candy!
Kangaroo needs candy too!

"I am Bee!" She said.
"I am Bee", Janine told me. A happy bee indeed.

Happy Big Bee & Mini Pooh
Happy Bee & Winnie the Pooh(with a belly). Winnie the Pooh is Samuel 1st Halloween costume.

Pooh can't wait...
"I'm having my candy now!"

Pooh digging in...
"Hmmm...where's that piece of candy I just saw?"


Some people spent some good time and money to decorate their yard for the occasion. This is one of the nicest one. I wish I had my tripod so I can capture more to share here.


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