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Wings (2)

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I went to Wings Over Houston a few weeks ago, took a tons of photos. I thought most the shot came out good but man was I wrong! The results keep reminding me that I need a much much better zoom lens(thinking "L" lens). Note to self, the small 2.5inch LCD on the DSLR is good to preview the composition but I must zoom in to check focus and motion blur, I forgot that most of the time, ahhhh!

Anyway, we're going to San Francisco tomorrow and Las Vegas next week to meet and tour with my mom, yes, my mom is visiting, very very excited! Hopefully I can get more presentable shot in SF and LV.

This is the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the first fighter jet I fell in love with and my favorite jet of all time. There's just something about the lines of this plane, it's just so dynamic and slick.

Just Don't PUSH!
The tail of the same F-16. These blade will expand out during afterburner mode. The sound of afterburner is just music to my ears. The F-16 has a few nicknames, the most popular two are "Viper" & "Electric Jet". This is the US Navy & Marines F-16. I believe this particular jet belong to the Adversary Squadron in the Top Gun school in Nevada, hence the dessert paint scheme.

Blast Off
The Thunderbird - Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, comprised of 6 F-16C Fighting Falcon jet. They put up an awesome show for all the spectators that day.

Bird Belly
The pilots of this squadron is the elite, the best of the best in the US Air Force. Very cool and good looking people too.


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Colin Woon on November 20, 2008 at 9:21 PM

Wow! Such great compliment! You've made my day!

Yup, very excited about my mom visit! Hopefully I will bring back some great pictures!


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