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Awesome Home Made Delicacy (DELICIOUS!!!) (2)

Sunday, April 27, 2008 by , under , ,

We had a small get together party at our home about 2 weeks ago. So my wife and sister-in-law made some really good delicacy for our friends and relatives to enjoy. My only contribution is to document all the good stuffs they made with my camera, and of course to enjoy them too! Yes, I'm a lucky man!

Below are the few awesome delicacy they made. We have plenty of other food too(took us a week to finish all the left over) but most of them are store/restaurant bought food so I only document the home made good stuffs.

The Siow sister made this really really awesome mini cheesecake with some strawberry and blueberry topping, DELICIOUSSSS! The store bought brownie is good too!

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate fondue. We bought this thingy just for this occasion which turn out pretty good. Notice that we love chocolate? Who won't?

The little candle to warm the chocolate fondue.

Bacon Wrapped Scallop
Bacon wrapped scallop!!! The scallop is huge, about 2" in diameter and 1" in thickness, wrapped with juicy bacon! Next to the scallop is bacon wrapped shrimp, good stuffs too! It's fattening and unhealthy but man does it taste good!

Zoe, my sister-in-law, use some icing to reserve 2 brownie for her and my wife, Faye, just in case. Warm this brownie up and have it with a glass of cold milk or better yet have it with a scope of vanilla ice cream...Mmmm...


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Colin Woon on May 8, 2008 at 11:16 AM

If you guys move to Houston, that will be good news for all of us.


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